Friday, December 9, 2011

Oh, say it's so!

by Leslie S. Lebl

According to the Associated Press, Russian Prime Mininster (and self-proclaimed future president) Vladimir Putin blames his domestic opposition on Hillary Clinton, saying our Secretary of State has been fomenting unrest inside Russia. I surely hope that is the case!

Just another peace-loving guy.

So far, the Obama administration has only interfered in the domestic affairs of allies (or, to put it more precisely, former allies, by the time we get through with them). This would be an exciting foray into the politics of yesteryear, when we reserved our biggest efforts for our opponents.
And, for those of you who think the reset button worked with Russia and that Russia is now our friend, you probably missed the news reports that Russian president Dmitry Medvedev threatened to target Russian missiles on our missile defense system installations in Europe meant to counter the Iranian threat. At the end of the Bush administration, Russia was threatening to target its missiles at NATO neighbors if we went ahead with the system. Reset, my foot!

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