Saturday, February 4, 2012

Let's Ask Abby about this Komen/PP Gift Thing

Dear Abby,
Every year, my friend Karen gives my friend Penelope a great gift. This year, Karen decided not to give the gift -- she'd heard some bad things about how Penny used the money. Then Penny got all her friends to gang up on Karen and make her life so miserable that she ended up saying oh, all right, I'll give you the money. I think Penny was wrong, but all our friends say Karen was wrong because she shouldn't have stopped giving the gift. What do you think?
Torn Between Friends 

 Dear Torn,
Gifts are freely given, not extorted. Karen should be thanked when she gives a gift, not harassed when she doesn't. Penny might be disappointed, but getting your friends to "gang up" on Karen is called bullying.

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