Friday, June 8, 2012

Ever more confused

by Leslie S. Lebl

Just when I think I'm beginning to understand the themes of President Obama's campaign, a new one comes along that stumps me. This time, it's the refrain that all the fault is due to Congress: that if the members of Congress hadn't been so obstructionist, everything would be okay.

All right, let's assume that's true. But then, if President Obama can't get these guys to do what he wants, and he gets re-elected in November, what are the chances that he'll have an easier time with the next bunch? More than half of Obama's current record was run up while Democrats controlled both Houses of Congress. Does anyone think the Democrats are likely to win back the House, while keeping the Senate? And, presumably, with a greater margin than they enjoyed two years ago? Yup, I bet no one does.

So, by definition, Obama's problems with Congress are not going to decrease. That conclusion confirms the need to replace Obama. If he's re-elected, there's no way, according to his own version of events, that he will be able to produce results.

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